About Me

I am a third-year PhD student in the CIS Department at the University of Pennsylvania, advised by Aaron Roth.

My research interests include game theory and mechanism design, learning theory, algorithmic fairness, and computational social science, which is to say I am interested in how stragegic agents, algorithmic processes, and social norms interact, both mathematically and in practice.

I’m also interested in gerrymandering, the intentional drawing of district lines to favor some electoral outcome, especially the mathematical and computational aspects of the related problems. I am affiliated with the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group in Boston. I was a Graduate Fellow last summer at the Voting Rights Data Institute and will be returning this year as faculty. Interested undergraduate and graduate students (including those between college and graduate school) should consider applying.

I am affiliated with the CS Theory Reserach Group, the Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences, and the Penn Research in Machine Learning (PRiML) group.

Before coming to Penn, I was an undergrad at Colby College in beautiful Waterville, Maine. I was a mathematics and economics double major with a computer science minor.

Recent Stuff

Our paper Fair Algorithms for Learning in Allocation Problems will be at FAT* in January!

Redistricting the Grid

A construction and analysis of drawing legislative districts on toy examples of grid graphs. Includes interactive elements to explore the effect of different districting plans and distributions of voters on two-party electoral outcomes.
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