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Simplistic Collection and Labeling Practices Limit the Utility of Benchmark Datasets for Twitter Bot Detection
with Chris Hays (co-first author), Manish Raghavan, Erin Walk, and Philipp Zimmer (contributional order)
To appear in The Web Conference, May 2023.
[arxiv preprint]

Algorithmic Redistricting and Black Representation in US Elections
In MIT Case Studies in Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing, Winter 2022.
[case study (MIT online journal)]
[poster presented at EAAMO 2021]

Algorithms and Learning for Fair Portfolio Design
with Emily Diana, Travis Dick, Hadi Elzayn, Michael Kearns, Aaron Roth, Saeed Sharifi-Malvajerdi, and Juba Ziani.
In The Twenty-Second ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC ‘21).
[conference proceedings version (ACM Digital Library)]
[accompanying code (GitHub)]

Geometry of Graph Partitions via Optimal Transport
with Tara Abrishami, Nestor Guillen, Parker Rule, Justin Solomon, Thomas Weighill, and Si Wu.
In the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol. 42 Issue 5, Oct. 2020.
[preprint (arXiv)]
[accompanying code (GitHub)]

The Gerrymandering Jumble: Map Projections Permute Districts’ Compactness Scores
with Assaf Bar-Natan and Lorenzo Najt.
In Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Vol. 47 Issue 4, May 2020.
[journal version of record (Taylor and Francis)]
[accepted manuscript (pdf)]

Trade-Offs in Fair Redistricting
In Proceedings of the AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society, (AIES ‘20) February 2020.
[conference proceedings version (ACM Digital Library)]
[online supplement, with accompanying code]

Total Variation Isoperimetric Profiles
with Daryl DeFord, Hugo Lavenant, and Justin Solomon.
In the SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, Vol. 3 Issue 4, Nov. 2019.
[journal version (SIAM)]
[preprint (arXiv)]
[accompanying code (GitHub)]

Equilibrium Characterization for Data Acquisition Games
with Jinshuo Dong, Hadi Elzayn, Shahin Jabbari, and Michael Kearns.
In Proceedings of the Twenty-Eigth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI ‘19), August 2019.
[conference proceedings version (IJCAI)]
[technical version (arXiv)]

Price of Privacy in the Keynesian Beauty Contest
with Hadi Elzayn.
In The 20th ACM conference on Economics and Computation (EC ‘19), June 2019.
[conference proceedings version (ACM Digital Library)]
[full version (arXiv)]

Fair Algorithms for Learning in Allocation Problems
with Hadi Elzayn, Shahin Jabbari, Christopher Jung, Michael Kearns, Seth Neel, and Aaron Roth.
In The Second Annual ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT* ‘19), January 2019.
[conference proceedings version (ACM Digital Library)]
[full version (arXiv)]

Strategic Classification from Revealed Preferences
with Jinshuo Dong, Aaron Roth, Bo Waggoner, and Zhiwei Steven Wu.
In The 19th ACM conference on Economics and Computation (EC ‘18), June 2018.
[conference proceedings version (ACM Digital Library)]
[full version (arXiv)]
Appeared at the Workshop on Learning in the Presence of Strategic Behavior at NeurIPS ‘17
[workshop version (pdf)]

My Honors Thesis on developing a genetic algorithm to optimize selection of sites for conservation in a landscape auction in the Colby College Department of Economics. Supervised by Tim Hubbard and Sahan Dissanayake

An expository analysis of various course registration auction mechanisms for Tim Hubbard’s Auctions seminar (Colby College, Spring 2016) and the slides from my presentation