Here are some projects I’ve worked on with some amazing friends and colleagues.

Diffix Bug Bounty Data Reconstruction Attack

We successfully ran a linear programming reconstuction attack on a commercial data anonymization product called Diffix, successfully reconstructing (synthetic) personally-identifying information such as sex and social security numbers from a purportedly secure database. More details are described in a pair of blog posts on

A silly "hot-or-not" web app for U.S. Congressional districts (as used in the 2018 elections).

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Some Julia code to enumerate the connected partitions of grid graphs, used as examples in several computational geometry and redistricting projects. See the repository for more details.

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District-Shortening Flow

A minimally technical case study of "multiscale compactness" using curve-shortening flow. We present the concepts intuitively and use figures, animations, and interactives to argue for a more nuanced approach to political geometry than the dominant methods currently allow.

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An open-source, user-friendly implementation of Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for the analysis of electoral redistricting.

Developed at the 2018 Voting Rights Data Institute.

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Redistricting the Grid

A construction and analysis of drawing legislative districts on toy examples of grid graphs. Includes interactive elements to explore the effect of different districting plans and distributions of voters on two-party electoral outcomes.

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Gaia's Awakening

A short game made in the three week Game Design course (CS369) at Colby College. Features original art, voice acting, and story.

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